Moving The Ball

Pitch framing is something that has gained great popularity in today’s game. The metrics support the vast impact gaining or losing strikes can have in OPS and run production/prevention. It’s difficult to dispute that the catchers who are thieving the most strikes are manipulating the ball – moving it through absorption and funneling back towards their center.   On TV, … Read More

Stance Versatility

Catchers in today’s game are utilizing more than just your traditional two stances. Stance types are largely individualized and vary from catcher to catcher. In addition, you’re seeing a wide range of stance variety in specific catchers based on the placement of runners, pitch type, situation, etc. to put their bodies in the most ideal position for the intended outcome/task.

Navigating The Blocking Zone

LANES & LEVELS FOR MAX BALL CONTROL Effectively controlling the ball in the dirt has always been thought of as a required skill of championship caliber catchers. However, many would argue that it’s simply a lost art or even insignificant in todays game due to an increased awareness in pitch framing and its known impact on run prevention. Nevertheless, if … Read More