NOW OPEN: Exclusive Catching Consulting with Tanner Swanson

Limited Spots Available for August-December 2019!

As a high level baseball coach or catcher, I know the demands on your time and energy, as well as the flood of information coming your way.

In an effort to streamline and focus your attention on what matters most, this in-season consulting program is specifically designed for you to be able to learn and implement cutting-edge strategies and techniques...

You'll Receive Exclusive Insights Into:

  • Modern pitch framing techniques for strike zone optimization
  • Advances in pitch framing tactics, data, and performance metrics
  • Re-examining catcher skill prioritization for maximal run prevention
  • Setup strategies and solutions for combating the negative influence of blocking & throwing on pitch framing with runners on base
  • Tactics for increasing deception and positively influencing umpire decision making
  • The evolution of the strike zone and how recent trends are challenging conventional catching wisdom
  • Positioning and targeting tips for maximizing a staff's various strengths and pitch qualities
  • Implementing a constraint led approach to enhance motor skill acquisition and and promote effective movement pattern adaptations
  • Cutting edge drill progressions, training aids, and educational resources to improve your teaching effectiveness
  • and much much more.....

What Is It?

This is an online catching consulting & training platform designed for serious catchers who are eager to learn the new age of the position.

Who Is It For?

Coaches, Catchers, and Parents looking for the most advanced, detailed catching instruction in baseball.


I love coaching, teaching, and training catchers at all levels of baseball. In an effort to reach more catchers (especially those at the amateur level), I have decided to launch this online training platform. This way, no matter where I’m at in the country, I can interact and offer value to catchers aspiring to get to the next level.

How Does It Work?

The online platform runs through a private Facebook Group. This is where I will answer questions, provide video footage and other resources, provide live training broadcasts, etc… This is a 5 month program (August - December) with two membership levels, outlined below:

Group Coaching Package


  • Initial 30 minute phone or Zoom Call w/ Tanner
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
    • This is where Tanner will answer questions, provide video footage and other resources, perform live training broadcasts, etc…

*The investment for August-December 2019 (a 5-month program) is $500.

Join Group Coaching Now!
Spots Remaining
VIP Coaching Package


  • Individual Instruction via Phone or Zoom x 3
    • Initial 60-minute Introductory Call + 2  30-minute Calls (scheduled over the course of 6 months)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Tanner Swanson via Email (response within 48 hours)
  • Video can be e-mailed to Tanner for evaluation (response within 72 hours)

*The investment for August-December 2019 (a 5-month program) is $1,000.

Join VIP Coaching Now!
Spots Remaining

This program has a limited number of spots available and will be an intensive, in-depth training experience. The program officially begins August 1st but you can get a jumpstart by joining today which will grant you access to the private Facebook group immediately. The next round of consulting will not begin until January 2020.

Revolutionize Your Approach Behind The Plate!

“Given his career in baseball and coupled with his impact on the Twins organization over the past few years, Tanner has cemented himself as one of the top thought leaders on development behind the plate. His ultra-progressive mentality, aptitude to teach and connect with his players plus the constant state of curiosity that he brings with him to the ballpark solidifies Swanny as one of my most motivating friendships and trusted resources for catching.”

-Jeremy Sheetinger
College Division Liaison - ABCA

What Others Are Saying About Tanner:

“Tanner is creative, engaging, intelligent and, most importantly, a constant learner. He responds to questions immediately, communicates extremely well and is always willing to share his perspective. In our industry, catching specifically, he is someone I thoroughly trust and have the utmost respect for.”

-Kevin J. Schnall
Associate Head Coach
Coastal Carolina Baseball

“Tanner is not only an incredibly bright, innovative, and well experienced catching coach, but he is so passionate about helping catchers optimize their abilities. It's clear that Tanner's information and insights are game-changing, both on and off the field.”

-Alan Jaeger
Jaeger Sports

“Tanner Swanson is undoubtedly one of the most creative minds and forward thinking coaches in the game of baseball today. His ability to bridge the gap between proven baseball understanding and innovative training methods is unparalleled. He has moved the needle on catching instruction as much as anyone in the industry. I’m a better coach because of my time on staff with him but even more fortunate to call him a friend.”

-Donegal Fergus
Associate Head Coach
UC Santa Barbara

About Tanner Swanson

Tanner Swanson is currently an MiLB Catching Coordinator and widely renowned as one of the top catching instructors in the country. He has gained a reputation as a respected clinician within the baseball coaching community and has been a featured speaker at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) National Convention, CatcherCon, Baseball Ontario, among others and has appeared on many podcasts dedicated to baseball player development.


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